[jasmine emery] (bluepunkrock) wrote,
[jasmine emery]

That last entry ended up meaning nothing. But last night, it could have been true. Besides that, last night was just really bad. Tried to actually spend time with a friend, &my dad just happened to be coming home at the same moment my friend pulled up.
I also had the time of my life being choked (wow, the second time, just a different person!), then THROWN DOWN STAIRS, where I landed quite hard on my head/neck. It hurts so bad today, but what can I do? Put a fake smile on, go to work, &pretend I'm doing fine.

This isn't safe. I'm not okay here. A good thing has gone to waste. It's too bad...sad... I can't stop crying inside, but no emotion is showing.

My mind is blown, but it's my own, so deal with it. I'm feeling fine most the time. Maybe on the outside, but no one's getting in.

Oh to be drunk &forgetful; to get out of this unscathed. Oh, to be free &inhuman. Some may say I love to play when the chance is there to take. I'm moppin' up the floor from messy recipes of romance. Some may say I love to let a good thing go to waste. I let it go to waste. I'm lookin' at my watch; at all the time that's been stolen
when I was carrying you; seems I've tripped &I've fallen.
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